Coursera for Business Launched, IT Training Targeted

September 13, 2016

Coursera for Business, just launched, is a new education technology platform by Coursera that targets extended learning for enterprise employees. The platform focuses on training and development needs of employees of large corporations.

Coursera itself launched in 2012 and now has over 21 million registered learners worldwide and is partnered with 145 leading universities to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities. Their main focus is on technology and business related training such as machine learning, data science and business analytics.

"Since Coursera's inception, we have kept learners at the center of our approach as we consider new growth opportunities," said Rick Levin, CEO of Coursera and previously the President of Yale University. "We've always known that many of our learners are housed within companies, and that many of you are using Coursera to build skills relevant to your jobs."

Coursera is the second most-cited credential on LinkedIn, according to Levin. Coursera for Business is designed to push the company even further into what is already its largest market, enterprise employee extended learning. "Our conversations with corporate leaders have highlighted the content, cost, and scale challenges of providing high-quality training and development opportunities to a distributed workforce," said Levin. "These trends and insights have inspired us to develop a solution that enables your employers to build our courses and Specializations – offered by the world's best universities and education institutions – into the fabric of their development programs that are meant to help you improve and grow at those companies."

Corporations also see online learning for its employees as a necessary perk to encourage retention. "The best employees increasingly care about development, and development opportunities are one of the top reasons that millennials choose to work and stay at a company," noted Levin. "Coursera for Business will help companies give these lifelong learners access to curated learning programs that draw on over 1,400 university courses, delivered through a robust online learning experience on both desktop and mobile."
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