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March 08, 2012
Microsoft Promotes Windows 8 For The Enterprise
By Jonathan Fisher
In his CeBIT keynote speech earlier today, Microsoft Corp. COO Kevin Turner touted Windows 8?s trifecta of personal use functionality, business capability, and robust security. He encouraged IT professionals and others to test the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview, available to the widest range of people yet following the initial release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview late last year.

Microsoft Officials are hailing Windows 8 as a "no-compromise" platform for a variety of computing devices, one especially suited to the modern portable-computing needs of businesses. Said Turner in his keynote: "Windows 8 will deliver no compromise experiences on a range of devices from tablets and PCs to desktops. It will give people functionality they love and the enterprise-grade capabilities that IT departments demand." The same wording found its way into the Windows Team Business Blog, where Erwin Visser writes, "Our goal is to offer a 'no compromise' solution [emphasis mine] so you don't have to choose between productivity and convenience. With the new Metro style interface in Windows 8, users get an experience built for touch that also works beautifully with a mouse and keyboard." With such phraseology, it looks like Microsoft is anticipating questions about the platform's success in balancing a user-friendly tablet interface with more traditional IT infrastructures.

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