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February 16, 2012
It's About To Get Cheaper To Get On The Cloud
By Trevor Boland
At this point, no one reading this article is confused as to what "the cloud" is referring to. That doesn't necessarily mean, however, that we've all jumped on the bandwagon. If your main reservation is the cost, however, many cloud providers are aiming to simplify your decision.

Amazon Web Services, provider of S3 cloud storage announced a price reduction for new and existing customers in early February, dropping prices between 12% and 13.5% for some. While those with over 4000TB of stored data didn't see a reduction, those below enjoyed a healthy drop. You can see a full list of the reductions here.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft subsequently announced a drop in their Azure services, including cloud database services. For companies with databases larger than 1 GB the reduction could result in a savings of 48% - 75% of storage costs. For example, Rick Whiting points out in his article that a 50 GB database will now cost $125.99 down 75% from $499.95. This following a $499.95 cap the company placed on the storage cost per database in December.

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