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January 05, 2012
Running Out Of Room? Think About Cloud Storage.
By Qushawn Clark
Many companies out there are moving much of their infrastructure to the cloud because of the great flexibility it gives.

In many cases, it also saves these companies money because they don't spend nearly as much on physical infrastructure or the power to use it. However, it isn't necessary to move your entire operation over to the cloud if you are worried about the risks of such a public environment. If you just need some extra room, or maybe a backup for your on-site data, it could very cost effective to just store that data elsewhere instead of buying more machines that will take up more space and waste more of your money.

There are quite a few options out there as far as companies that offer these storage services, such as Dropbox, which lets you have 2GB of cloud storage for free (that's right, I did say free) . For a set monthly or yearly price you can buy 50GB, 100GB, or over a terabyte of usable storage. I will assume for the most part that the things that will be stored or backed up aren't enormous files, which means that a service like this would be perfectly reasonable.

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